Tips to Select the Right Linear Actuator

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Linear actuators offer accurate motion control in various applications. These actuators are used in diverse applications, ranging from assembly machinery, test equipment, medical equipment, and many others. There are several types of electric linear actuator, which makes it quite tricky to choose the best fit for one’s own needs. This post will give you some tips to select the best linear actuator, which adheres to industry standards.

Tips to Select the Right Actuator

The following are 5 steps, which will ease the selection process:

  1. Analyze Impact Force: Determining the force and velocity of the application is critical in order to select the parts of the electric linear actuators like nuts, motors and ball screws. The total force generated, which is the sum total of frictional, breakaway, and acceleration force helps in determining the desired motion of the actuator. The impact force determines the inertial forces required for cushioning. These parameters will help you select the right size of actuator and motor.
  2. Determine the Actuator Orientation: The actuator orientation determines the size and type of motor required to drive the actuator. This factor also determines the load ratings of the actuator motor combination. In vertical orientation, the actuator possesses the lowest load capacity. This makes the usage of electromagnetic brake motor very essential, since it prevents any load mishap during a power failure event. An actuator in its horizontal orientation has the highest load capacity and no brake is required. Hence, a vertical actuator requires a larger motor than a horizontal actuator. This serves as one of the vital prerequisites to look into before buying an actuator. 
  3. Understand the Working Environment: Environment plays a critical role in shaping the performance of any actuator. Also, it is very important to provide external protection to the actuators to make them suited for harsh outdoor conditions. Clean room rated actuators are versatile classification of actuators which can work in any conditions without impacting the actual performance.
  4. Determine the Actuator Length: Selecting the linear actuator on the basis of application requirement requires precise consideration based on metric units. The correct actuator length depends on the number of blocks used. Overall length of the actuator is considered as the working distance of travel and dead length at the either end of actuator. 
  5. Calculate Load Position and Allowable Moment:Load positioning is a critical factor in determining the correct actuator. Factors like overhanging of load or cantilevered load create twisting forces on the carriage of the actuator. The linear actuator can get damaged if the allowable moment exceeds by some value. On the basis of the load position and actuator orientation, the moment load can be in three direction. Hence, the allowable moment load of the actuator must be verified in each of the three direction.

The above reasons enlists valid points to look into before choosing the right actuators. There are diverse varieties of actuators available in the market, and it can be challenging to choose the right one. Venture Mfg.’s is the OEM of linear actuators, which are used in various applications owing to their widespread benefits.