Best 24/7 Vibration Monitoring System

Product Announcement from Vibration Specialty Corporation

Best 24/7 Vibration Monitoring System -Image

Protect Wireless is the most advanced online machinery vibration monitoring and diagnostic system. It cost effectively blends traditional PdM machinery protection and analytics with energy, operational and process monitoring. This powerful package delivers a comprehensive picture of machinery and facility conditions with email/text message alerts and remote data analysis on your smartphone. As a smart system, Protect Wireless can uniquely merges sensor data with existing SCADA/PLC data for advanced diagnostic correlations to predict operational, environmental and maintenance problems. 

This highly scalable and customizable smart analytic system merges predictive maintenance, energy, operational and process monitoring into one platform for a complete picture of facility-wide conditions.  Its easy remote access via computer or smartphone enables offsite decision makers and onsite personnel to review the data in real-time with experts from around the world so they can quickly make the right decision every time.

The system consists of a Coordinator and one or more Satellites that are located near the equipment/machinery being monitored. The Satellites collect the data from all the sensors attached to the nearby machinery/equipment plus existing plant SCADA/PLC data and communicates it all wirelessly to the Coordinator which displays and stores it via computer with total control through the internet.

Protect wireless offers up to eight (8) simultaneous channels of data and 32 or more channels of data on each Satellite. The system’s simple image user interface provides machine and sensor hotspots which change colors based on the severity of any detected faults for instant problem recognition. Clicking on the colored hotspot launches a new level revealing additional information details for quickly evaluating the situation.   

Our advanced hardware provides an absolute view of your machinery conditions with detailed spectral, phase and cross channel analysis on couplings, bearings and even separate machinery.  This and other innovations present remote analysts with instant diagnostic data which, until now, required expert-personnel onsite. As a result, users  can access each sensors extensive analytics with statistics, real-time and historic data, individual and group sensor trends and much more so experts can provide the same advanced diagnostics remotely as they would if onsite.                                                                                            

The ultimate value of this smart system goes well beyond finding specific machinery problems and energy losses but lies in the data generated.  This data holds a wealth of information when mined for analytical correlations can predict future operational, process, environmental and maintenance issues.  Different data combinations may produce advanced diagnostic solutions not previously possible, revealing an unlimited world of solutions.  This smart world will also feed off itself blending old with new data and sensors yielding a profound understanding of our most perplexing problems.