Food Grade Ink & Traceability - Food Industry

Product Announcement from Videojet Technologies, Inc.

Food Grade Ink & Traceability - Food Industry-Image

Flexibility for a large number of applications

The food industry works with various and often sensitive products. High-quality marking is therefore extremely important for both the producer and the end-user. In fact, the code becomes part of the overall product quality. Therefore the reliability and print quality provided by Videojet products is an essential factor in an industrial food production environment. Production is often carried out in damp environments, and Videojet systems are designed to work reliably, even in tough conditions.

Product identification is possible for a wide variety of applications in the overall production process within the food industry. Some marking is even a legal requirement for food traceability. In light of recent changes in food legislation, coding and marking will have a more and more integral part in the production process. Depending on the application, the product and the production conditions, it is possible to utilize ink jet, laser marking or labeling systems to code your products