X-Y Robot Palletized Conveyor Assembly Cell

Featured Product from Visumatic Industrial Products

Visumatic's fastener feeding and driving expertise can be applied in a turnkey assembly cell. An operator loads fixtures by pulling components from utility bins. This work station utilizes a palletized conveyor to present parts to the screw driving XY robot. Completed assemblies are unloaded, with the empty pallet completing the circuit by returning to the operator work area.

This XY Robot Assembly Cell includes:
• A VPM-X.2 Power Module
• on a Z-axis mounted on an Adept XY assembly robot to locate multiple driving positions
• A square conveyor to ingress pallets to the work station and return empties to the operator

The Visumatic Advant-edge
• Designed for customer-specific assembly requirements
• Visumatic engineers each nosepiece to fit your specific part and your application
• Reliable, long duty-cycle XY robot components
• Customer choice of:

- Pneumatic, AC or DC Electric Screw Driver
- Extruded aluminum or powder-coated tubular steel painted to spec.

Visumatic's team of assembly engineers exhaustively tests and documents every system, ensuring the XY robot assembly cell will repeatably run production right out of the box.