Engineered fastener feeding & installing robot

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Viper MBC Screw Driving Robot

Application: Modular system for rapid deployment in automated assembly projects that require driving fasteners quickly & accurately.

The Viper MBC is an engineered fastener feeding and installing robot package for seamless integration by machine builders. This Visumatic system incorporates a 4-axis SCARA robot that delivers lightning fast screw driving and flawless fastener delivery. The Viper MBC is preconfigured and modular so it can be quickly deployed.

Our lean, flexible design allows placement in a variety of assembly processes:

  • as an assembly line conveyor station
  • feeding & driving different fasteners, nuts, screws, and plastic clips
  • inserting barbed darts and pins
  •  integration into rotary indexing systems

The Viper MBC end-of-arm tooling is designed for your application, with your choice of DC electric driver tool and your choice of SCARA robot. Built in quality control with 4-axis NIST traceability and screw tightening torque/angle monitoring. Complete process accountability is provided through electrical handshaking packages and SPC data reporting via DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP.

The Visumatic Advant-edge
Machine builders appreciate the difference in our highly accurate, extremely durable design in a compact envelope.

Visumatic Viper MBC offers these options:

  • Adaptable pre-programmed screw driving robot control packages.
  • Configurable electrical handshaking and pneumatics on-board.
  • Vision Guidance and part inspection.
  • Custom operator interface including touch screen.


Visumatic Viper MBC Screw Driving Robot packages are designed for your part, with the right choice of:

  • Nosepiece:  Jaw, Finder-Jaw, Mini, or Nut-Jaw
  • Visumatic Feeder System
  • Feeder Escapement:  Standard Screw, Nut, Siamese, Cam, or Finger

Viper Screw Driving Robot with Vision Guidance Options

Re-Inventing Automated Assembly Fastening, Everyday.

Automatic screw feeding and driving SCARA robot with vision options for drive location and part inspection in automated assembly

Automatic Fastener Feeder for screw, nut, bolt, & pin applications

The range of feeder designs available guarantees Visumatic can accommodate your part and any fastener you need to install today and in the future.

Visumatic is a specialty engineering firm whose mission is to deliver easily recognizable value in every fastening solution we create. We design and build the best automated fastener feeding and driving equipment on the market for manufacturing companies doing assembly work.

  • Automatic nut and screwfeeding and driving systems
  • Applications for nuts, bolts, push pins, and plastic fasteners
  • All design, fabrication and quality control is done in-house
  • Exhaustive, controlled testing is done on every unit before it ships
  • We provide solutions for any automated fastening challenge

We answer challenges for our customers:

  • We deliver longer life cycles, extreme durability, pinpoint accuracy and the strongest guarantee in the business.
  • We invented the Locking Bit to make handheld assembly tasks easier.
  • We invented the Viper to offer a turn-key truly programmable robotic feeding and      driving system.
  • We incorporate highly engineered ergonomics for safer, operator friendly components and greater operator acceptance.


The Visumatic Advant-edge

Our 100% Guarantee: Our systems are 100% guaranteed with a six-month unconditional guarantee, and lifetime customer service support.

Customer Specific Technical Manuals: Manuals are complete with your program, electrical, mechanical schematics, down to detailed replacement parts. We can be on the ‘same page’ with you with just a phone call. A Visumatic Exclusive.

Customized For Your Process: Visumatic nosepieces are engineered to fit your part and application.

More Experienced: Our engineers have over 90 years combined experience and our average employee tenure is over 14 years.

On-call Support: Visumatic’s support staff is on-call and can be on site within 24 hours.

Fast Delivery: Most applications can be delivered in 3 to 6 weeks.

Extensive Testing: Systems are exhaustively tested to ensure long run cycles, decrease down time and low cost of ownership.

High Repeat Business: Our customer satisfaction is so high that over 80% of our business comes from repeat customers.

Our customer base includes top-shelf OEM automotive, appliance and electronics manufacturing companies such as Honda, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, General Motors, General Electric, Armstrong Air Conditioning, Amana Appliances, Maytag, Frigidaire, Honeywell, Hitachi, Sony and many others, as well as their suppliers.

Visumatic is an independent, family-owned and operated business located in Lexington, Kentucky.