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Pin Insertion System for Handheld Operation

Featured Product from Visumatic Industrial Products

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VIN-700 Pin Insertion System for Handheld Operation
Application: An automatic feed and ergonomic pin insertion system for use by an operator increases speed, accuracy, and productivity.

Visumatic’s expansive fastening technology expertise delivers on our promise to provide reliable automatic pin insertion systems. Building on the same operating principles as our flagship Locking Bit, we designed this insertion tool so that the punch is just behind the pin.

The operator can positively feel the pin shank enter the hole prior to actuation. This provides sensory feedback to the operator, giving them maximum assembly efficiency and accuracy.

The Visumatic Advant-edge

  • Improves speed for fast point to point insertions
  • Eliminates the strain of selecting and orienting pins

Every automatic pin insertion system is delivered complete with a microprocessor-controlled feeder for work cell flexibility. Enclosed for cleanliness and sound abatement, the pin feeder can be placed up to 20′ away from the insertion point, allowing your operators the freedom to follow the work along an assembly line.

Ergonomically advanced. Operator friendly.

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Why Visumatic?
Re-Inventing Automated Assembly Fastening, Everyday.
Visumatic is a specialty engineering firm whose mission is to deliver easily recognizable value in every fastening solution we create. We design and build the best automated fastener feeding and driving equipment on the market for manufacturing companies doing assembly work.

  • Automatic feed nut and screwdriving systems
  • Applications for clips, bolts, pins, and specialty fasteners
  • All design, fabrication and quality control is done in-house
  • Exhaustive, controlled testing is done on every unit before it ships
  • We provide solutions for any automated fastening challenge


We answer challenges for our customers:

  • We deliver longer life cycles, extreme durability, pinpoint accuracy and the strongest guarantee in the business.
  • We invented the Locking Bit to make handheld assembly tasks easier.
  • We invented the Viper to offer a turnkey fully programmable robotic screwdriving system.
  • We incorporate highly engineered ergonomics for safer, operator friendly components and greater operator acceptance.