Power Module Fastening / Flexible Automation

Featured Product from Visumatic Industrial Products

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Visumatic's fastener feeding and driving system is used for incorporation into a Robotic or Linear presentation system for driving screws into mating parts.

A Power Module fits when you need the fastener bit-stroked into the part without requiring nosepiece tooling tip movement. It is dependent on other machine components for motion. It can be configured to install fasteners in any plane, including vertically up!
You can present the part to the nosepiece, or mount the head on your linear positioner to achieve the desired Z-axis relationship between the nosepiece and the part drive location. The VPM is the machine builder's most popular EOAT choice for six-axis robot integration.
Because Visumatic understands the demands of modern assembly, the VPM system is delivered complete with:
• Custom-tooled Model 94 automatic feeder system
• Bit stroking spindle with driver motor
• Integrated slide position sensors
• “Plug-n-Work” pneumatic manifold and I/O port

Give Visumatic a call and let us guide you in how to best automate your fastening process.