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Machine Builders
Visumatic is a leading supplier to specialty machine builders, providing automated fastening componentry for use as modular building blocks. Our expertise in fastener automation allows machine builders to quickly integrate components for immediate functionality.

Visumatic engineers products for feeding and installing screws, nuts, clips, pins, and bolts, all designed for smooth integration into every type of assembly machine. Systems include single or multi-spindle screwdrivers for stationary or six-axis robot integration and designed to fit into virtually any process.

Visumatic Offers Advantages to the Machine Builders Market
Visumatic’s expertise in fastener automation provides machine integrators out-of-the-box functionality to meet demanding build schedules. Our team offers over 60 years of continuous improvement and refining automatic screwdriving equipment, while innovating new specialty fastener installation technology.

When you partner with Visumatic, you have the advantage of shortened integration time with gear that comes ready to plug and work. Designed for a seamless process fit, your system is delivered with completed technical documentation including I/O cables, schematics, and a customized sequence of operation ensuring rapid deployment.

Machine Builder Product Solutions
Visumatic is your quiet, capable partner delivering bullet proof products that just work. Some of our many machine builder product solutions include:

VPM Power Module
Automatic feeding and screwdriving system for robotic assembly where bit stroke is the only actuation required.

VLB-900 Locking Bit
A handheld system that positively engages a screw in the nosepiece tooling tip so operators can align mating parts in any orientation.

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Why Visumatic?
Re-Inventing Automated Assembly Fastening, Everyday.
Visumatic is a specialty engineering firm whose mission is to deliver easily recognizable value in every fastening solution we create. We design and build the best automated fastener feeding and driving equipment on the market for manufacturing companies doing assembly work.

  • Automatic feed nut and screwdriving systems
  • Applications for clips, bolts, pins, and specialty fasteners
  • All design, fabrication and quality control is done in-house
  • Exhaustive, controlled testing is done on every unit before it ships
  • We provide solutions for any automated fastening challenge


We answer challenges for our customers:

  • We deliver longer life cycles, extreme durability, pinpoint accuracy and the strongest guarantee in the business.
  • We invented the Locking Bit to make handheld assembly tasks easier.
  • We invented the Viper to offer a turnkey fully programmable robotic screwdriving system.
  • We incorporate highly engineered ergonomics for safer, operator friendly components and greater operator acceptance.