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Steady Parts Keep MRI Machines Stable

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A magnetic resonance imaging scan, more commonly known as an MRI, is a popular medical procedure that uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within the body. An MRI scanner can be used to find medical issues like tumors, injuries to the joints and other abnormalities that are invisible to the naked eye. An MRI is a very precise piece of machinery that requires the patient to stay extremely still. This means the machine needs to be steady, level and immobile, which can prove difficult when it can weigh upwards of 17,000 pounds. That’s where Vlier steps in. Their parts keep MRI machines stable, supporting the immense weight and leveling the equipment so it is perfectly balanced and easily adjustable to fit any floor.

The Power of the Vlier Leveling Device

Vlier’s leveling devices swivel and adjust to uneven surfaces while providing optimal support for heavy machinery. They provide an integrally machined stud as part of the ball, and the bases swivel 15 degrees off the centerline for a custom adjustment when the machine is installed. In addition to MRI machines, these inventive parts can be found on other large medical equipment, data storage equipment, industrial workstations and more. They are capable of handling weight loads up to 22,000 pounds, easily holding up the MRI machine and other sizable equipment.

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