High Voltage, Gain and Resolution Optocouplers

Featured Product from Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

10kV or 15kV High Voltage Opto-couplers

Manufactured by VMI, the OC100 and OC150 optocoupler families offer high voltage, high gain, and high isolation. Our optocouplers are built to the same high quality and reliability benchmarks as all our products.

Using a high voltage photo-diode and multiple LEDs precisely positioned, the OC100 and OC150 are optimized for high gain. The OC100G features long-term gain stability.

Designed to be integrated into controlled feedback systems such as voltage regulators or switches, our optocouplers can be used in applications ranging from noisy industrial environments to sensitive equipment such as mass spectrometers.

Other opto-couplers are available in different package styles and terminations, ranging from 2.5kV to 25kV.