High Voltage Glass Diodes for Tough Environments

Featured Product from Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

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VMI offers a complete line of high voltage, hermetically sealed diodes for tough applications when an epoxy or plastic diode can’t withstand the environment. 

Glass-body diodes are extremely reliable. The diode body is impervious to dust, liquids, and gases. It is ideal under rugged and critical conditions.

Hermeticity makes them ideally suited for harsh, tough, industrial, commercial, or military applications.

VMI's high voltage diodes range from 2kV-20kV, 5mA-2000mA, 30ns-3000ns Trr.

Ultra-fast reverse recovery times of 30ns maximum make them great for high voltage switching power supplies where speed is standard.

VMI is ISO9001:2015 certified and all of our products are made and 100% tested at our facility in Visalia, California, USA.