Opto-couplers - Frequently Asked Questions

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Opto-couplers are useful where electrical isolation is needed between system and control circuits, in the prevention of ground loops, or in high voltage switching applications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Opto-couplers

What kind of processing is available?

Are custom configurations available? If so, what are the costs and how long will it take?

Can the package styles be made smaller?

Can the potting material be changed?Do I have to run the photo diode at 10KV or 25KV?

Do both of the LEDs in the OC-100 family have to be working in order to get an output from the photo diode?

Can the LED current range be increased?

Is the Vf rating for the LED for the whole assembly, or for each LED?

What is the forward current (If) range through the OC-100 LED? What about current through the OC025?

What is the minimum gain of the OC-100 family devices?

What is the power gain of the OC-100 family devices?

Can the current gain be increased?

What is the current gain of the device?

Does the gain change with temperature?

Is it possible to get a 2W 10KV opto-coupler in the OC-100 style package?

Is it okay to put two 25KV OC-250 opto-couplers in series to get a 50KV opto-coupler?

Is it okay to put two OC-250, or OC-100HGs in parallel?

Is the OC100HG opto-coupler RoHS compliant?

What is the impact of ambient light on the opto-coupler?

What is the thermal resistance of the module to air?

What is the turn-on time between the voltage applied to the photo diode and turn-on of the opto-coupler?

What is the long term gain degradation?

Is there a SPICE model avaiable for the OC150HG?

What is the termination finish of the OC150G/HG, and do you have any recommendations for Peak-Reflow-Temperature and Time-at-Peak-Reflow Temperature?