Super-fast 30ns & 50ns High Voltage Diodes!

Featured Product from Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

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VMI manufactures two 10kV, 5mA diodes – the M100FF3 and M100FF5. The –FF3 device features a 30ns Trr.  The –FF5 device is rated at 50ns or faster.    

The diodes are hermetically sealed making them suitable for industrial environments. 

The fast recovery times make them great for high voltage switching power supplies where speed is standard.


About VMI...

VMI specializes in high voltage diodes, power supplies, optocouplers, multipliers and related assemblies. Our products are custom designed for military, industrial, medical, aerospace and other high-reliability applications operating at the leading edge of technology.

Established in 1980, VMI has years of experience in high voltage design and we are committed to quality and service. With a full staff of engineers and technicians, we are here to assist you throughout the production process, from design development to production manufacturing. We offer extensive testing, design verification, production support and custom design services.

VMI is ISO9001:2015 certified and all of our products are made and 100 percent tested at our facility in Visalia, California, USA. 

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