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Vortex Air Flow Amplifiers

Featured Product from Vortec

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  • Increase production rates by removing smoke, dust and debris
  • Improve quality through better weigh sorting of under-filled or underweight capsules and parts
  • Reduce compressed air usage vs open nozzles
  • Lower cost as compared to fans or blowers
  • Application mobility, compared to large fans and blowers
  • Improved safety and eliminate shock hazards, with no moving parts, electricity or motors


  • Amplify compressed air volumes by 12 – 20 fold in ducted applications; and up to 60 fold in unducted applications
  • Adjustable airflow and output
  • Quiet – meets OSHA noise requirements
  • Easily mounted, ducted and moved
  • No electrical connections required at target
  • Instant on/off performance
  • Easily adapts for smoke and fume control, vacuum or blow off
  • Available in stainless steel and aluminum