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W.M Bergs' commitment to quality is evident in everything we do. From material selection, to final production, the strictest control measures are implemented. Our Inspection department adheres to the highest standards of quality. It is this level of commitment to Quality Control and Quality Assurance protocols that enables global leaders in Medical, Aerospace Military defence and many others to entrust their most critical projects to W. M. Berg.

Test Equipment

  • Angle Blocks & Vee Blocks
  • Calipers: Dial Digital & Vernier
  • Presure & Vacuum Gages
  • Levels Paralles
  • Countersink Gages, Bore Gages
  • Radius & Screw Pitch Gages
  • Thread Measuring Wires
  • Micrometer: I.D, O.D. Depth, Thread
  • Scales & Balances
  • Thread Plug & Thread Ring Gages
  • Torque Wrenches, Meters & Analysers
  • Height Gages & Height Masters
  • Indicators: Dial, Button, Test, Coaxial
  • Durometer Hardness Tester
  • Sine Bars, Squares
  • Thermocouples, RTD, Thermometers
  • Length Scales, Rules, Tape Measures
  • Pin Gages, Plug Gages
  • Gage Blocks English & metric
  • Force Gages, Load Cells, Spring Testers
  • Ring Gages
  • CMM & Dimensional Optical Inspection
  • Surface Finish Testing & Standards
  • Multimeters, Clamp-om Meters, Panel Meters
  • Digital Gear Analyser

Bergs Inspection Department operates in a modern facility located in Cudahy, Wisconsin. The facility services hundreds of customers offering the highest quality Inspection services. Maintaining the same high customer-focused values you have come to expect from W. M. Berg.