Precision components engineered for aerospace

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Berg W.M. provides cost-effective precision mechanical components and assemblies for the aerospace industry.  Providing high AGMA quality gears, pre-assembled solutions and belting for military, commercial and private aircrafts. 

The Advantages of Berg Products in the Aerospace Industry

  • Certification Expertise
  • Customization Capabilities
  • High AGMA Quality Gears
  • Application-Specific Materials
  • Quality Machining Processes
  • Reduced Cost
  • Pre-Assembled Solutions

Aerospace Applications that Utilize Berg Products

  • Aircraft Instruments and Controls
  • Communication Equipment
  • Automatic Pilot Equipment
  • Flight Simulation
  • On-Board Aircraft Systems
  • Throttle Controls
  • Pilot Information Systems
  • Satellite Tracking
  • Navigation Instruments
  • Seat Actuation


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