Smooth, lightweight POW-R-VEE belts by WM Berg

Featured Product from W.M. Berg

With low weight and inertia, the POW-R-VEE belt does extremely well in high misalignment applications (up to 7 deg.).  The single stainless steel cable core design allows the belt to be spliced to any length allowing for quick replacement.


Operational Metrics: 

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 50 - 350lbs (22.68 - 158.76kg)

Operating Load: 12 - 85lbs (5.44 - 38.56kg)

Available Types: 600 V BELT, V-BELT CORD, V-BELTS

Width: Imperial Sizing (in): 1/8 - 7/8" |Metric Sizing (mm) 3 - 16.6mm

Length: Imperial Sizing (in): 6 - 1200" |Metric Sizing 152.4mm - 30 metres