Stop vibrations with shock absorbing couplings

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Berg has now added shock absorbing couplings to its extensive coupling family. Shock absorbing couplings are ideal for dampening vibrations, shock loads and electrically insulate shafting. Their design allows for the problems of misalignment or vibration to be easily overcome. Couplings consist of several precision components. They are as follows:

Core - the core or power transmitting component of a flexible shaft assembly is constructed of quality wire wound in layers of opposing directions on a single center wire. They come in a variety of materials, construction and sizes ranging from 1/8 to 1-5/8 inches in diameter. Standard cores cover a broad range of operating requirements up to 10HP and speeds from 0 - 50,000 RPM. Each is designed to transmit power efficiently within a specific operating criteria.

Casing - the casing or flexible conduit that supports the core during operation comes in a variety of designs for differing environmental conditions. Casings are constructed of carefully chosen materials to withstand the effects of dust, oil, moisture, abrasion and temperature extremes. They are manufactured to exhibit a minimum amount of stretch and twist providing a uniform bearing surface for the core. Standard flexible shaft couplings are provided with a casing that has a steel liner, steel and cloth reinforcing braids and a rubber cover to withstand a wide range of requirements.

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