Cranes -Tri-Adjustable...Minimizes the Stress

Product Announcement from Wallace Cranes

 Cranes -Tri-Adjustable...Minimizes the Stress -Image

Wallace Cranes - The proprietary Wallace four-bar linkage in our Tri-Adjustable cranes keeps the unit stable and distributes the load over all the legs. Distributing the load minimizes the stress on any one part of the crane. This feature makes the crane easier to push over the typical not quite so level shop floor. Our flexible design also helps out in normal lifting. The I-beam can rotate slightly to self-center over an off-center load. And where other vendors may have exacting leveling requirements to run a pre-use load test, a Wallace crane can be set-up on most shops floors without shimming and using a level. Flexibility in the crane design gives you a more versatile piece of lift equipment.