Lightweight Aluminum Crane

Product Announcement from Wallace Cranes

Lightweight Aluminum Crane-Image

Wallace Aluminum cranes provide a compact, versatile, high-capacity lifting solution from 1/2 to 3 Tons. Aluminum cranes from Wallace are available in either the Tri-Adjustable style show here or a Thrifty style crane. Wallace Aluminum cranes are used in chemical plants, optical labs, and electronic clean rooms. Other "high-end" users are particle physics researchers. These easy-to-assemble cranes are also used for pump and motor maintenance in wastewater treatment plants. Wherever you need a high-capacity, lightweight lifting solution, the aluminum Tri-Adjustable is ideal for maintenance, manufacturing, repairs, and other materials handling tasks. Other users include electric utilities, municipal maintenance (including subways, buses, and building facilities), research institutions, and the military for routine maintenance of heavy equipment.