Maintenance Cranes for Education

Product Announcement from Wallace Cranes

 Maintenance Cranes for Education-Image

Wallace Cranes keep students, faculty, and facilities warm and happy. Education facilities need hot and cold running water, electricity, and HVAC. You may even have a steam plant to distribute heat. On most campuses, there is an ever-increasing emphasis on Green, bringing the normally "hidden world of maintenance" into the light. To keep your world running smooth and Green you need the right tools, like Wallace Cranes for all your lifting requirements.

Filters, pumps, valves, and motors big enough for even a small university do not march themselves from the loading dock to the utility rooms. Trying to wrestle this equipment in place need not be a Herculean struggle. Wallace Cranes are designed to fit in small spaces to give you the lift capacity you want where you need it.

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