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Product Announcement from Wallace Cranes

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Wallace Portable Cranes bring your heavy lifting problems down to size. As you try to do more with less, you can use a Wallace Crane to help rearrange your workflows to optimize product paths. When it comes time to put your plans in action, our versatile, portable cranes can make difficult moves look like child's play. Whether you are moving the work or the tooling, the solution is Wallace.

Customers rely on us for precision, high-capacity lifts like moving or removing injection molding dies. This precision tooling weighs tons and has assembly clearances measured in mils. Our cranes can easily move and place your equipment. In pine, this solid wood toy house would weigh 526 lb. The dimensional equivalent in solid steel would weight about 12,000 lbs. One of our versatile 8-ton cranes could easily handle either load.

This crane shown is one of our "physically smaller" high-capacity cranes. We make heavy lifting cranes in several different styles with overall heights up to nearly 24 feet and spans to 35 feet. Even our standard lines can be customized to fit with reduced heights and spans to travel under ducts or around other equipment. Wallace Cranes have capacities ranging from 1/4 to 15 tons.