Trusted, Irreplaceable Lifting

Product Announcement from Wallace Cranes

Trusted, Irreplaceable Lifting-Image

When Phil Fraley Productions Inc. of New Jersey renovated the Dinosaur Hall of Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, PA, they chose Wallace Tri-Adjustable Cranes. Our equipment was trusted with the task of lifting and moving irreplaceable dinosaur bones. Each lift had to be prefect and precise. Chances are whatever you are lifting is much newer, but for you, no less valuable. Don't worry about taking out that 30, 40, or 50 year old pump to drop in a new one; you can be sure our cranes have lifted something a few million years older, perfectly.

Since this ad was written Wallace Cranes have picked up more dinosaurs, spacecraft and America's Cup contenders. For the America's Cup effort, we provided custom casters to roll more easily over an old, uneven warehouse floor. Wallace cranes fill the gap between exotic lifting and typical plant conditions.