Dialspeed Point Grinder

Featured Product from Walter Surface Technologies

Power, endurance, comfort and safety are words used to describe Walter Surface Technologies' grinders. Walter grinders are specially designed to be the hardest working power tools on the market. From angle grinders to straight grinders to point grinders, these high quality power tools contribute to your success by increasing your productivity and driving added cost savings to your production.

This convenient design of this very popular point grinder results in increased performance and operator comfort to let you reach new levels of productivity. Proven electronics and the well known quality construction of the motor deliver more power to the spindle while the ergonomic housing minimizes fatigue. You need speed for deburring applications? This is the perfect tool to use with carbide burrs.


  • DIALSPEED electronic speed control
  • DYNAMAX for maintaining selected speed constant
  • Exclusive spindle lock
  • More powerful, high torque motor
  • New slim line housing for highest comfort


  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metal
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel


  • Fitting, deburring, finishing
  • Grinding, cutting, brushing
  • Working of small parts and precision work