Metering Pump Ideal for Chemical Processing

Featured Product from Wanner Engineering, Inc.

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Hydra-Cell S Series metering pumps are ideal for low-flow, low- pressure requirements in a wide range of chemical processing applications. S Series pumps feature an innovate design to minimize dead space and prevent air entry and build-up inside the pump. In case air or another gas does enter the pump and impede chemicals from being discharged, each S Series model has an easy-to-use mechanism to remove the air or gas.

SM manual control units as well as SP/ST/SA pulse/analog control models offer up to 300 strokes per minute. Maximum flow rates range from up to 25 ml/min (0.40 gph / 1.5 lph) to 220 ml/min (3.49 gph /13.2 lph) depending on model. Several materials of construction choices and various design options result in pumps ideal for specific applications including chemical injection, high-pressure boiler, high-viscosity fluids, outgassing fluids and more.

They are versatile, economical and easy to operate.  

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