Peristaltic Aseptic Filling Instrumentation

Product Announcement from Watson Marlow Pumps Group

Peristaltic Aseptic Filling Instrumentation-Image

New drug development is focused largely on biopharmaceuticals rather than chemicals, which means the resultant drugs tend to be injectable liquids instead of solids. Furthermore, the new drugs are typically designed for specific populations, hence batch sizes are smaller.

Alongside these two trends are ongoing pressures to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize risks, including cross-contamination between batches. Additionally, there is a need for reduction in the time involved in validation procedures (e.g., in paperwork and man hours). Taken together, these factors point toward peristaltic pumps with single-use tubing or tubing sets as representing the future for biopharmaceutical fill/finish lines.

Traditionally, fill/finish lines have used piston pumps, but in today's biopharmaceutical production environment piston pumps suffer from a number of drawbacks. One of these is that they contain numerous contact parts that must be dismantled, cleaned, and sterilized between batches of different product. As batches become smaller, there is a need to shorten changeover times. Even if duplicate pumps are purchased to achieve faster changeovers, each pump still needs to be stripped, cleaned, and sterilized, with a small risk of cross-contamination between batches always an issue.

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