Custom Augmented Labyrinth Brush Seals

Featured Product from Waukesha Bearings

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Augmenting labyrinth seals with brush seals is a simple and effective approach to reducing clearances and eliminating potential problems from shaft contact wear.


  • Reduce initial leakage by 50% cmpared to straight labyrinth seals, or by 30% cmpared to interlocking labyrinth seals
  • Eliminate steam leaks and the safety hazards associated with high temperatures and toxic gases
  • Reduce condenser capacity and space requirements in new steam turbines
  • Require less axial space than labyrinths
  • Easily installed and field serviceable in a variety of sealing environments
  • Allow a “wear-in” to minimal clearance through flexible sealing mechanism
  • Standard components for cost-effectiveness and timely shipment