Custom Canned Magnetic Bearing

Featured Product from Waukesha Bearings

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Canned magnetic bearings are designed to be immersed in the process fluid of the most extreme corrosive and abrasive environments. For compressor applications where the gas is contaminated with H2S, chlorides, sand, condensate and other liquids, canned magnetic bearings are the only option.

Canned bearing technology is also applied to pumps, steam turbines and other applications where the bearings are continuously or intermittently immersed in high-pressure, corrosive liquid environments.

The canned magnetic bearing system includes canned stators and sensors, as well as corrosion-resistant rotor laminations, thrust collars and auxiliary bearings. Canned stators are integrated into completely seal-welded housings without the need for elastomeric elements.

Auxiliary bearings for canned magnetic bearing applications are constructed of corrosion-resistant alloys and materials to complete the bearing system – ready for service in the most extreme corrosive environments.