GYLON EPIX™ Series Transforms PTFE Gasketing

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In testing scenarios, traditional GYLON® gaskets show heavier loading near and around bolt holes with lighter loading farther from the holes.  However, the redesigned synthetic fluoropolymer GYLON EPIX™’clearly redistributes the load, preventing low loading.

Having evolved from Garlock's original GYLON® product line, GYLON EPIX™ combines its distinctive new features with all the advantages of its parent product.  Developed in 1967, GYLON® gaskets quickly became an industry standard.  With today’s increasing demands for environmental safety and cost savings, GYLON EPIX™ is the new standard for the next generation of gasketing materials.


  • Retains all of the excellent chemical resistance characteristics of the original GYLON®, thereby eliminating the need to re-qualify products
  • Substantially reduces emissions
  • Minimizes creep and cold flow
  • Reduces the need for stocking multiple thicknesses, eliminating incorrect gasket sizes and driving down inventory costs
  • Being highly conformable, is suitable for a broader range of sealing applications, especially where there are uneven, pitted or irregular surfaces

GYLON EPIX™ sheet material comes in one optimum thickness:  3/32” (2.4mm).  Its unique hexagonal design provides the seal performance and load retention of a thin gasket (1/16”) with the improved compressibility of a thicker one (1/8”), effectively having one seal doing the work of two.   

Web Seal offers custom gaskets from three high-performance styles of GYLON EPIX™:

  • 3500 EPX
    • Fawn color
    • Silica-filled PTFE
    • Designed for extended service with aggressive media
    • Applications include strong acids, chlorine, cryogenics, hydrocarbons, steam, and water
  • 3504 EPX
    • Blue color           
    • Aluminosilicate miscrosphere-filled PTFE
    • Applications also include hydrogen peroxide, moderate concentrations of caustics and acids, refrigerants, cryogenics, hydrocarbons and water
  • 3510 EPX
    • Off-white color
    • Barium-filled PTFE
    • Designed for applications with critical installation requirements and maintenance of an extremely tight seal
    • Applications include aluminum fluoride, moderate acids, strong caustics, chlorine, cryogenics, gases, hydrocarbons, monomers, and steam

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