High Power PCB Terminals and Connectors

Product Announcement from Weidmuller

High Power PCB Terminals and Connectors-Image

The new line of terminals features the LXXX, which brings greater design flexibility for high current applications. The UL rating of 127A per contact gives the LXXX terminal the highest current carrying capacity available. The LXXX accommodates wire up to 1 AWG, with a maximum operating temperature of 120°C. Design features include an integrated test point and wire guard to protect against the accidental insertion of wire below the clamping area. The LXXX has improved safety features with finger safety greater than 7mm.

Weidmuller's new power connectors are all 600V UL rated, and are available in versions rated up to 54A UL. Plugs are available in both Clamping Yoke screw and Push-in connections, with multiple securing options that include lock-and-release levers and a self-locking center flange. As with all Weidmuller products, safety is built into these connectors through the finger safe design, a polarizing peg on the headers, and 100% protection against mismating.

Weidmuller's new line of power connectors also includes a Hybrid connector. Typically, multiple connectors are needed for both power and signal connections. Weidmuller's revolutionary Hybrid connector combines power and signal into one connector, providing users significant space savings on the circuit board. This connector also features a Push-in connection for savings in wiring time. The Hybrid connector is available with up to 5 power connections and 8 signal connections, and a 600V 35A UL rating.

Weidmuller's new high power terminals and connectors are available in a wide range of poles- from 2 to 12, in standard configurations, and several colors including black, orange and gray. All power products are RoHS compliant and UL approved.