Custom Teflon® Bags

Product Announcement from Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc.

Custom Teflon® Bags -Image

Teflon® Bags are ideal for unique applications:

  • Withstands high temp applications 400°F (205°C)
  • Suitable for cryogenic use -400°F(-240°C)Easily autoclavable
  • Visually clear and provides a high transmittance of UV light
  • Virtually indestructible to impact and tearing
  • No electrical tracking, non-wettable, and non-charring
  • Antistick and low frictional properties make clean-up easy
  • Inert for non contaminating samples
  • Low permeability to liquids, gases, moisture and organic vapors
  • Non-affected my exposure to outdoor elements
  • Chemically inert and solvent resistant to virtually all chemicals (except molten alkali metals, gaseous fluorine, complex halogenated compounds at elevated pressure and temperature)

Give them a call and order a Welch Fluorocarbon Lay Flat Bag Made With Teflon® Film today. All Lay Flat Bags made with Teflon® film are supplied in packages of ten bags each. Each package is sealed in polyethylene and shipped in a double-corrugated box.

Developed NASA Specifications for Heat Sealing
Welch Fluorocarbon designs and manufactures to order any size bag in their in-house manufacturing facility located in Dover, New Hampshire. Every bag is made in the USA for any quantity small or large.

Welch Fluorocarbon developed specifications for NASA to use for every flight bound heat sealed product. All heat seals are made on state of the art thermal impulse heat sealing equipment, designed and built by their own engineers. This insures the optimal seal strength and minimum shrinkage along the weld. With over 25 years of experience the standard 1/8" seal width has proven to be a winner. They specialize in heat sealing fluoropolymers, but they work with a variety of high performance thin films including:

  • 5.0mil PFA Film, Type LP Teflon®
  • 2.0mil PFA Film, Type LP Teflon®
  • Tedlar® 2.0mil PVF
  • DeWal DW200 2.5mil Modified PTFE from Dyneon TFM1700 Resin
  • 5.0mil Teflon® FEP Film
  • Tefzel® ETFE
  • Honeywell Aclar® P-CTFE
  • Other customer supplied materials (Nylon, Polyethylene, etc)