Funnels Made With Teflon® Film

Product Announcement from Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc.

Funnels Made With Teflon® Film-Image

Serving the scientific community with Funnels made with Teflon® film for high purity applications where disposable labware is desired, particularly Trace Metal Analysis.These engineered funnels come in three styles: Standard, Powder, and Micro. The Micro Funnel made with Teflon® film with its thin 1/4" straight stem (6mm) has been designed for intricate work. The Standard Funnel made with Teflon® film has a five degree taper in the stem making it the perfect application for liquids by preventing vapor lock and is available in three sizes: 75mL, 150mL and 450mL. The Powder Teflon made with Teflon® film has a straight stem with three sizes available: 75mL, 150mL and 450mL. Welch Fluorocarbon specializes in the traditional thermoforming techniques of drape forming and vacuum forming to manufacture our Funnels made with 30.0mil DuPont Teflon® FEP.