Overwrap Bags - Cryogenic Storage Bag

Product Announcement from Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc.

Overwrap Bags - Cryogenic Storage Bag -Image

Welch Fluorocarbon's Teflon® FEP Overwrap Bags are an ideal choice as a secondary level of containment for cord blood storage. Currently in use by the top cord blood storage facilities in the USA our Overwrap Bags have proven to be a safe and secure way to protect against cross contamination.

Overwrap bags are used in numorus applications: cord blood banks, stem cell research, cryopreservation, immunotherapy and all types of cell collection applications that require a cryogenic bag. Our overwrap bags are an ideal choice to protect samples during cryopreservation. Our overwrap bags are also optically clear, allowing high visibility of the sample, even during cryopreservation.