Teflon® Beaker Liners

Product Announcement from Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc.

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Teflon® Beaker Liners - Alternative To Glass Labware

Laboratory analysists are recognizing the utility of Beaker Liners made with Teflon® film, as a stand-alone alternative to glassware. Beaker Liners made with Teflon® film are better then Pyrex® (borosilicate) glass, because will not break and is less contaminating.

Welch's Beaker Liners Are Made With Teflon® FEP Film

These chemically inert, non-stick, electrically insulated, and temperature resistant Teflon® FEP Beaker Liners provide the following unique benefits over traditional glassware:

  • Non-stick and adhesion resistant for easy cleaning
  • Non-porous with a smooth surface
  • Transparent
  • Chemically inert surfaces
  • Smaller sample-to-container weight ratios for accurate measurments
  • Unsurpassed archival abilities avoiding sample loss and container deterioration
  • Pliable and unbreakable
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Resists all chemicals except molten alkali metals and fluorine

Beaker Liners made with Teflon® film can be produced to specific dimensions, upholding tolerances required as a liner or stand-alone device.