Thermoforming High Performance Films Like Teflon®

Service Detail from Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc.

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Welch Fluorocarbon are experts in converting ultra thin (typical starting gauge range .003” – .060”), flat, high-performance thermoplastic films (like Teflon® Film) into intricate custom three-dimensional shapes by utilizing the manufacturing process of thermoforming.

Below is a partial list high-performance materials (thin films) that we are experts in Thermoforming:

All of our custom thermoforming tooling is designed in house, and built with extreme precision to insure maximum control of Quality in the the prototype and production stages. Contact us for further information.

Thermoforming Advantages
Thermoforming has some unique advantages over other methods of processing plastics, such as injection molding:

  • Parts are capable of having ultra thin walls (.001″) that can fit into tight spaces
  • Precision tolerances
    • +/- .002” for Thermoforming
    • +/- .005” for trimming
  • Rapid turn around time for proof of concept prototypes
  • Optimal process for testing multiple materials during the prototype stage
  • Low cost for prototype, pre-production and production tooling
  • No weld lines
  • Less susceptible to pinholes

Examples of End Use Applications 

  • Dielectric Properties / Insulation
    Implantable medical device components for battery and capacitor insulation and chemical resistance.An excellent alternative to Parylene Coatings.
  • Temperature Resistance
    Perfect for applications that require high maximum use temperatures. An excellent alternative or replacement for polyimide tapes, which are labor intensive.
  • Chemical Resistance
    For applications that require a material that can stand up to the harshest environments.
  • Inertness
    For applications that require a non-contamination / non-reactive material.
  • Releasability
    For applications that require a non-stick or non-wettable material

Processes and Value Added Manufacturing 

Our thermoforming manufacturing processes are extremely flexible and allow for a variety of application sizes including prototypes, pre-production, small production and large production annual blanket orders.  All thermoforming processes are highly traceable, and Certificates of Compliance are available upon request. Welch Fluorocarbon is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Using a variety of innovative technologies, we are able to use precise manufacturing techniques to produce extremely complex custom components. Unique features that can be added to parts include:

  • Notches
  • Holes
  • Slots
  • Slits
  • Multi plane trimming