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Bakery Solutions  --Integrated AS/RS and Robotics For All Your In-Process Needs

Revolutionizing the Baking Industry

Since 1989, when Emtrol introduced In-Process Automated Storage and Retrieval, our automated material handling systems have revolutionized the baking industry. Our systems are in use around the world at clients like Interstate Brands, Mrs. Smiths and Perfection Bakeries. We have the most installed systems and the widest range of applications in the industry. Call today and find out how your bakery operation can benefit from our unique
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LidTender Stacking/Unstacking Robot

Takes lids that have been removed from baking pans and stacks them for storage.

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E300 Series Automated Pan Storage System and Multi-Level System

Weldon Solutions pioneered this cost cutting technology which completely eliminates costly manual handling and greatly raises production efficiency. Our Multi-level System is an ideal way to minimize floor space requirements in hard-to-fit situations.

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For sanitary pan storage and conveying; turn pans over/right-side up and accumulate pans for non-stop production on your Bakery Line.

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PanTender Stacking Robot

Increase pan life

through precise robotic placement of pans while improving sanitationby storing pans upside down. Ideal for integrating with Weldon's PanTender Automated Storage/Retrieval System!

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E320 Automated Trough Storage

Gives you precise control over the fermentation cycle by allowing you to access troughs in any sequence. You get the right trough at the right time!

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Automated Pan Truck System

The Automated Pan Truck securely transfers stacks of pans from storage to a pan truck and back. Ideal for sending pans out to be reglazed.

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