Vibration Transmitter... Dual Output Velocity

Featured Product from Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies- Wilcoxon Research -The output of model PC420VE is proportional to velocity. This sensor has a measurement range of 0-1 inches per second (ips). An output of 4 mA indicates a level of 0 ips or no vibration present. A full-scale reading of 20 mA's indicates that 1.0 ips of vibration is present.

Dual output: 4-20 mA and dynamic signal, Corrosion resistant ESD protection, Reverse wiring protection, Overload protection, No trim pots required


4-20 Output (5%).....4-20 mA DC, Dynamic Output (5%).....100 mV/in/sec, Velocity Range.....0-1 in/sec peak, Frequency Response: ±3 dB (4-20).....2 Hz - 2.5 kHz; ±3 dB (Dynamic).....2 Hz - 3 kHz, Repeatability (4-20).....±2%, Resonant Frequency mounted, nominal.....18 kHz, Transverse Sensitivity, max.....5%