Product Announcement from Wilson Case, Inc.


Wilson Case is a manufacturer of shipping & carrying cases to protect anything during transit, to make the mobility of delicate equipment & electronics safe and simple.

Wilson Case has supplied Satcom cases and racks to the Aerospace, Defense and Communciations markets for over 35 years. Providing tough mobility cases to protect sensitive antennas and communications electronics during transit and storage. We have custom and stock case solutions available. Our design engineers use solid modeling software for easy communication and precise case design.

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About Wilson Case:

Wilson Case can design and manufacture shipping & carrying cases to meet any requirement. With over 35 years in the shipping case world-our staff has the knowledge, skill and technology needed to design shipping cases to protect the most delicate equipment.

Browse our many OEM, Government & Military case solutions on our website. We have many cases in stock but you are never limited to standard stock cases. If you do not see what you need, let us know your requirements and we will provide a free quote and case design.

Custom shipping case design is 85% of our business. Wilson Case can design a custom shipping case to meet any requirement. Our engineers have a long history in the packaging industry. They use SolidWorks technology to easily communicate with engineers, develop a case design with precision and provide a 3D virtual case prototype so that there are no surprises when your case arrives. Their knowledge, skill, creativity and innovation allows them to create custom case designs that will meet any packaging challenge.

Wilson Case also offers FREE custom shipping case design and quotes. Request a quote now.