Product Announcement from Wilson Case, Inc.


Custom shipping case design is 85% of our business. Our experience, quality, service and technology have earned us the reputation as a leader in the shipping case world. We can design a shipping case to protect equipment of all shapes, sizes and varying levels of fragility while in transit.

Our design engineers work daily with engineers, product developers and marketing pros. We use SolidWorks modeling software to communicate detailed data needed for a proper fit of the equipment. Solidworks also provides a 3D virtual case prototype quickly which helps customers see how the equipment will ride in the case and it gives them a detailed visual of their case before it is ordered. There are no surprises when your case arrives. See an example a 3D virtual case prototype here See an example here.

Wilson Case can meeet any shipping case requirement.

We offer a large variety of stock shipping cases in our online store.

Visit our Shipping Case Gallery for more custom shipping case styles & designs.

Wilson Case also offers FREE custom shipping case design and quotes. Request a quote now.

About Wilson Case:

Wilson Case can design and manufacture a shipping case to meet any requirement. With over 30 years in the shipping case world—our staff has the knowledge, skill and technology needed to design shipping cases to protect the most delicate equipment.

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