TablePro - Portable Treatment Table

Product Announcement from Wilson Case, Inc.

TablePro - Portable Treatment Table -Image

An Athletic Trainer's Case that is smartly designed for a smooth transition from the training room to the road.

The TablePRO can handle the largest athletes with ease and has ample room for supplies. Plus, there are no wobbly table legs and the case folds to a compact size! Dual taping stations allow you to treat two players at once, getting them back in the game faster. Wilson Case's popular turf tires make it easy to roll on any surface, easily. Plus they will never go flat!

Wilson Case also offers FREE custom shipping case design and quotes for requirements not found in their standard Athletic case line.

About Wilson Case:

Wilson Case can design and manufacture a shipping case to meet any requirement. With over 30 years in the shipping case world—our staff has the knowledge, skill and technology needed to design shipping cases to protect the most delicate equipment.

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