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Efficient MOSFET for High-Speed Switching

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Key Features:

  • Low On-Resistance: The BSS123-7-F boasts remarkably low on-resistance, ensuring minimal power loss and heat generation, thus enhancing circuit efficiency.
  • High-Speed Switching: This MOSFET is capable of high-speed switching, making it suitable for high-frequency applications like power supplies, converters, and PWM circuits.
  • Surface Mount Package: Packaged in SOT-23, ideal for space-constrained applications, facilitating compact and integrated circuit designs.
  • Drain-Source Voltage: Supports a drain-source voltage (Vds) of 100V, providing a wide operating range for various electronic designs.
  • Continuous Drain Current: Can handle a continuous drain current (Id) of 170mA, adequate for low to medium power applications.


  • Power Management: Suitable for load switch circuits and various signal processing tasks.
  • PWM Applications: Excellent for PWM applications and high-efficiency DC-DC converters due to its high-speed switching capability.
  • Portable Electronics: Commonly found in battery-powered devices, portable electronics, and telecommunication equipment where power efficiency is critical.

Quality and Reliability: Diodes Incorporated is renowned for its commitment to quality, and the BSS123-7-F is no exception. Manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliability and consistent performance. This MOSFET is RoHS compliant and designed to meet industry environmental and regulatory standards.

Inventory Capacity: This product is available in stock from distributor Win Source Electronics, with sufficient inventory to meet the demands of engineers.