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Film Capacitors-1001317-R82DC3100AA50J

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The KEMET R82DC3100AA50J is a high-quality film capacitor designed for automotive use. With a capacitance of 0.1 µF and voltage ratings of 63V (DC) and 40V (AC), this capacitor ensures stable performance in demanding conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Robust Construction: Built with polyester and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) dielectric material, metallized and stacked for enhanced durability.

  2. AEC-Q200 Ratings: Meets Automotive Electronics Council standards, guaranteeing reliability in automotive environments.

  3. Wide Temperature Range: Operating seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -55°C to 105°C (-67°F to 221°F).

  4. Compact Design: With dimensions of 0.283" L x 0.098" W (7.20mm x 2.50mm) and seated height of 0.260" (6.60mm), it's space-efficient.


Ideal for various automotive applications where dependable capacitance is crucial, including engine control units, power supplies, and electronic systems.

Upgrade your automotive electronics with the KEMET R82DC3100AA50J for unparalleled reliability and performance.