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High-Performance Audio Signal Processor - BD3822FS

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The BD3822FS is a high-performance audio signal processor manufactured by Rohm Semiconductor, suitable for consumer audio applications. This product is readily available in stock at Win Source Electronics.

High-Performance Audio Signal Processor - BD3822FS

  • Wide Application: Suitable for consumer audio applications such as audio amplifiers, audio interfaces, etc.
  • Quality Manufacturing: Manufactured by Rohm Semiconductor, ensuring product quality and reliability.
  • Dual-Channel Design: Supports two channels, providing flexibility in configuration and usage.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C, accommodating various environmental conditions.
  • Stable Power Supply: Operating voltage range from 7V to 9.5V, ensuring a stable power supply.
  • 32-SSOPA Package: Compact 32-SSOPA package for easy integration into various circuit designs.

The BD3822FS is a powerful audio processor suitable for a variety of consumer audio applications. Its high performance, stable power supply, and wide operating temperature range make it an ideal choice for designers. Contact Win Source Electronics now for a quote and purchase of ready stock to meet your project needs.