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High-Popularity Standard Diode: 1N4148WS-E3-08

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Explore the Versatile 1N4148WS-E3-08 Diode

  • Voltage & Current Ratings: Designed for general-purpose use, this diode boasts a 75V voltage rating and a current rating of 150mA, making it suitable for a wide range of electronic circuits and systems.

  • Standard Diode Type: As a standard diode, it offers stable and predictable forward voltage characteristics, with a forward voltage of 1.2V at 100mA, ensuring consistent performance in your designs.

  • Fast Recovery Time: With a reverse recovery time (trr) of just 4ns, this diode minimizes switching losses and enhances the efficiency of your circuits, ideal for high-speed applications.

  • Low Leakage Current: Experience minimal current leakage with this diode, featuring a reverse leakage current of 100μA at 100V, ensuring reliable operation and reducing power consumption.

  • SMD (SMT) Mounting: Designed for surface-mount applications, the SOD-323 package makes it easy to integrate this diode into your PCB designs, saving valuable board space and simplifying assembly processes.

  • High Popularity & Reliability: Benefit from the proven track record of Vishay's 1N4148WS family, known for its high popularity and reliable performance in diverse electronic devices and systems.

  • Ample Stock Availability: With over 132,000 pieces in stock and flexible ordering options, including a minimum order quantity of just 1140 pieces, you can rely on Win Source Electronics to meet your diode procurement needs promptly.

Unlock the Potential of Your Designs with the 1N4148WS-E3-08 Diode

Whether you're designing consumer electronics, industrial equipment, or automotive systems, the 1N4148WS-E3-08 diode offers the performance, reliability, and availability you need to bring your projects to life. Trust in Vishay's expertise and Win Source Electronics' supply capabilities to streamline your procurement process and ensure the success of your next design endeavor.