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Microchip SAM S70: High-Performance MCU

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The Microchip ATSAMS70N21B-ANT is a top-tier microcontroller from the SAM S70 series, designed for demanding applications requiring high performance and reliability. With a 32-bit data bus, it offers robust processing capabilities for a wide range of tasks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Advanced Architecture: Built on ARM Cortex-M7 architecture, ensuring efficient processing and high performance.
  • Versatile I/O Voltage: Supports 3.3V I/O voltage, enabling seamless integration with various systems and peripherals.
  • Compact Package: LQFP-100 packaging in reel form, ideal for space-constrained designs and mass production environments.
  • Microchip Quality: Manufactured by Microchip Technology, renowned for quality and reliability in microcontroller solutions.


  • Embedded Systems: Ideal for embedded applications requiring advanced processing power and reliability.
  • Industrial Automation: Suitable for control systems, robotics, and real-time monitoring in industrial environments.
  • Consumer Electronics: Enables high-performance functionality in smart devices, IoT gadgets, and multimedia appliances.

Engineers seeking a robust and efficient microcontroller solution for their projects should consider the Microchip ATSAMS70N21B-ANT for its exceptional performance and versatility.