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PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear LM317TG

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Exceptional Versatility and Stability

  • Output voltage range from 1.25V to 37V, catering to a wide array of voltage requirements.
  • Robust three-terminal positive regulator design ensures stable output despite input voltage fluctuations or load changes.
  • Line and load regulation capabilities maintain a consistent output, crucial for sensitive electronic equipment.

Comprehensive Protection Features

  • Incorporates overload protection with current limiting and thermal shutdown, safeguarding both the regulator and connected components from damage.

Flexible and Efficient Operation

  • Adjustable output voltage facilitates customization, eliminating the need for a wide range of fixed-voltage regulators.
  • Bypassing the adjustment pin enables achieving very low dropout voltages, enhancing efficiency in critical applications.

Simplified Integration and Application

  • Standard circuit design simplifies integration into various projects, from DIY electronics to industrial systems.
  • Ideal for creating custom power supplies, battery chargers, and motor controllers, offering reliability and ease of implementation.

Abundant Supply with Win Source Electronics

  • Win Source Electronics provides ample stock of the LM317TG, ensuring availability for your project needs.
  • With over 24,000 pieces in stock, you can confidently source this versatile component for your design requirements.

The LM317TG from ON Semiconductor is a go-to choice for engineers seeking a customizable and dependable voltage regulation solution. Whether you're designing for automation, automotive, or power management applications, the LM317TG offers the flexibility and reliability necessary for your projects. Partner with Win Source Electronics to access abundant stock and expedite your design process.