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Versatile LM317TG Adjustable Voltage Regulator

Featured Product from Win Source Electronics

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Exceptional Line and Load Regulation

  • Maintains stable output voltage despite input voltage or load changes.
  • Ideal for sensitive electronic equipment requiring reliable power supply.

Overload Protection System

  • Includes current limiting and thermal shutdown features.
  • Safeguards the regulator and connected components from damage due to excessive power or overheating.

Adjustable Output Voltage

  • Output voltage range from 1.25V to 37V.
  • Tailor power supply to specific circuit needs without stocking multiple regulators.

Robust and Easy Integration

  • Housed in TO-220 package for durability and ease of mounting.
  • Standard circuit design simplifies integration into various projects.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Suitable for Automation & Process Control, Automotive, and Power Management.
  • Versatile solution for custom power supplies, battery chargers, and motor controllers.

High Stock Availability

  • Distributed by Win Source Electronics with sufficient stock.
  • Shipped from HK warehouse with expected shipping dates provided.

The LM317TG is a highly reliable and versatile component, offering engineers a simple and efficient solution for adjustable voltage regulation in their electronic designs. With its robust package, protection features, and ease of use, it caters to both hobbyists and professional engineers seeking stable and flexible power solutions.