Data Acquisition Module for Embedded Systems

Featured Product from WinSystems, Inc.

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WINSYSTEMS introduced a versatile data acquisition option for PCle/104™ OneBank™ and PC/104 Express embedded computing systems. Its new PX1-I440-ADC module, scheduled for release in Q3 2020, extends capabilities for the company's own single board computers, such as the Intel® E3900-powered PX1-C415, as well as CPUs from other PC/104 suppliers.

The PX1-I440-ADC is an industrial data acquisition module for embedded systems with PCIe/104 OneBank expansion. This module features eight differential ADC (analog-to-digital converter) inputs based on the Analog Devices LTC2335-16 ADC. Analog to digital inputs terminate to a single 20-pin box header connector. The PX1-I440-ADC provides flexible voltage ranges from 0V-5V, 0V-5.12V, ±5V, ±5.12V, 0V to 10V, 0V to 10.24V, ±10V, ±10.24V. The PX1-I440-ADC-420 configuration includes precision resistors on-board for measuring 4-20mA current loop inputs from a variety of sensors. Customized populations are available for OEM clients that need a mix of 4-20mA and Voltage inputs.

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