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The age of digital signage is upon us. Just driving down the highway shows examples of billboards that rotate their messages as we pass. In many scenarios, signage that can recognize what’s occurring in its surroundings can be a boon for merchants, manufacturers, consumers, and the general public.

By maximizing the existing technology, you can be assured that you’ll have the best looking and most reliable LED billboards possible. This helps you to maximize your ROI while reducing risk, maintenance, and operating expense. For example, the WINSYSTEMS’ SBC35-427 industrial single board computer (SBC) takes advantage of Intel’s Apollo Lake-I E3900 series processor to drive an outdoor display/digital signage, as well as a host of other industrial IoT applications.

 WINSYSTEMS provides embedded computing solutions through a variety of products along with engineering and manufacturing services. Our products are designed for performance-driven applications such as industrial automation, security, medical/diagnostic equipment, MIL/COTS, test and measurement, and transportation.

WINSYSTEMS supports and promotes open hardware and software standards such as PC/104, EBX, EPIC, SUMIT, MiniPCIe and IO60. We leverage our commercial off the shelf (COTS) designs to quickly adapt custom solutions for a variety of high reliability and product life cycle sensitive industries.

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