DDR DRAM Modules

Product Announcement from Wintec Industries, Inc.

DDR DRAM Modules-Image

DDR modules remain a popular solution in embedded and OEM markets due to longer product life-cycles. DDR (Double Data Rate) technology was an advancement over SDRAM memory because of the ability of DDR to double the data throughput by using both the rising and falling edge of the clock signal for data transfers. DDR uses 2.5V power and is available in speeds of up to 400MHz. Wintec offers a complete line-up of DDR memory modules with continued support to sustain long term customer projects.

DDR Unbuffered modules remain a popular presence in the OEM and embedded markets for less data intensive system requirements, taking advantage of a mature and stable product, unbuffered and Unbuffered ECC DIMMs serve the needs of embedded applications such as POS and kiosk systems.